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Our Story

Invented by a surfer from Santa Cruz, California, feejays started as single pair of homemade sweatpants with built in feet. The surfer showed his family and friends what he made, and they quickly fell in love with his comfy creation. They noticed that the inside of the feet were lined with a cozy sherpa material and there was even a clever opening on the sole that allowed for them to be easily worn with their feet in or out. The surfer called them “feejays” (PJ's with feet) and decided to show them to more people. Everyone he showed was very impressed and wanted a pair for themselves. The surfer decided to get a patent for his idea and found a company to help produce them. He took a few pictures and built a website. On the first day the surfer sold 10 pairs. Wanting to provide great customer service and speedy shipment, the surfer drove all over and hand delivered the orders himself. His customers were stoked and word about the amazing sweatpants from Santa Cruz spread quickly. Within a few months the surfer had sold out of all of his inventory and a small business was born.  

Today, feejays are enjoyed by happy customers all over the world. They come in several different colors, and patterns, and now there’s even a sweatshirt with mitts version that’s made to keep you cozy. World class customer service and speedy shipment is still the mission, and that same surfer is still in charge. Well, unless he’s surfing of course…...